Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Ok, so apparently I can not be trusted with a curling iron?? I always end up having these freak accidents with them! Yesterday morning I was curling my hair like I do everyday, (although judging by the following picture you would think it was my first time?!) and my curling iron slipped out of my hand and landed smack on the flat of my chest! It was literally there for a split second and did this to me!!

So the positive side to this: With cold weather coming up I can at least cover it up with a scarf. Here's to hopin it doesnt leave a horrible scar. :/

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Difficult Decisions - Part 2

...Yet again I have assumed the worst, as always...here I have a patient man who is willing to deal with my frustrating over-analyzing of situations and STILL choosing to pursue me for some reason?? Patiently talks through a difficult conversation where a typical man would've run away in irritation.

After this past weekend, I definitely realize this man is pretty great. He has a way about him that simply wows me...I don't know if he is "the one" or not but I know I can base a lot of the growing emotions I feel for him everyday on his unmoving character that has no intention whatsoever of hurting me. This man has shown me that there ARE still single men in this world that are positive, caring, kiss you on the forehead, patiently explain things to you, make me melt with a sweet look, southern drawl, sweethearts...and while I want to cry at the thought of me maybe losing him one one day, I can for the time being basque in the fact that I met one for myself that is exactly what I thought didn't exist anymore.

I now sit crossing my fingers and being, for the first time, perfectly fine with our taking baby steps in this relationship because of the miles between us. I am now determined to savor every moment I have with him and not constantly worry about losing this whole thing while I definetly still have it.